About Niamh

Niamh Lynch is a content strategist and digital consultant that helps businesses maximize their online presence, so they're making profit, impact and sense.

Niamh worships words and know they're your deadliest weapon when it comes to the online battle for views, conversions and engagement. 

But without a strategy, words float in cyberspace, losing impact, diluting brand and wrecking your head. Between flabby website copy, insipid marketing material, haphazard social media and below-average blogs, Niamh knows there's a lot of scope for those words to go astray.

With 10 years as a digital strategist for large multinationals, Niamh has honed the skills it takes to create a watertight, highly effective content strategy that will take your website from average to epic.

Book a call today, and your business will thank you tomorrow.