...but it'll make for some great posts.

Sorry for the radio silence, faithful readers, but I had a bit of international moving with a toddler to be taking care of.

It was...less terrible than expected, although I'm still propping my beer on one full moving box of many as I type. On the upside, it has generated plenty of ideas for future blog posts that I'm sure you'll find super useful, like "How to move your freelance business", "Maintaining your small business when your childcare goes kerplunk", and "Why does it feel like Ireland is so much further north than it really is?". Nah, just kidding on that last one. But if you know, tell me.

So, since I'm not actually giving you any of these answers today, read instead this great post about LinkedIn from Buffer. It's an awesome tool - think Hootsuite for people who want a life away from Hootsuite - and their blog produces posts that are absolute gold for freelancers, small businesses and anyone dealing in social media and inbound marketing. Read and enjoy

I'll see you soon.

Header photo of the cold, cold Atlantic by Basheer Tome.