This post is for the newbies. The noobs. The late risers. See, you have this thing on the internet. a service

You've...developed an app

You' a shop

You...want people to know who you are

You get the idea

You want it to be better. You’ve had a look around, had a poke at some settings. You know you should be SEO-aware. You know there are a million plug-ins that will change your life. You know it’s about the conversation, that you need engagement, not likes. Is your landing page optimized? Is your brand assertive?

Does your brand sparkle?

Does your brand sparkle?

Although information is everywhere you look, you still feel lost.

Is that you? You have this app, business, service, idea, brand, whatever, and you want the digital shopfront to be better, cooler, more attractive. But there are so many roadblocks.

You don’t have angel investors, you don’t have a content manager and frankly, you're not exactly spoilt for time.  Although you know that your business is a good idea, and that you can make it work (or it's already working nicely, thank you very much), you’re not really sure where to start when it comes to showing the internet what you’ve got.

You need a strategy. A content strategy. A digital brand. Social media magnetism. You need mentors, and influencers, right? Well, maybe. But you’re getting ahead of yourself.

To start, you just need to ask yourself one question.

What do I want my potential customers/clients/adoring fans to DO?

Like, actually, end of the day, when it’s all said and done, DO? You don’t want retweets, you want…people to book appointments. You don’t want likes, you want…people to sign up for a trial of your service. You don’t want followers, you want people to…choose your brand when it’s time to get that thing done.

This is basically WIIFM - what’s in it for me - but from your point of view, not your visitors.

So ask yourself: what do you want your visitors to do? And how can you encourage them to do it?