Begin blogging - from total beginner to competent business blogger in just six weeks! 

October 2017, we'll take 6 weeks to take you from would-be blogger to seasoned blogging pro in our online Business Blogging Beginner course.  Starting a blog can be intimidating. It's easy on paper, but once you get down to it, business blogging can be a complicated mess of blogging platforms, blog editing, idea generation, promotional strategy and downright nerves that make even confident storytellers quake in their boots!

Start blogging - reserve your ticket


During the course, you'll create:

Written worksheets for reference/use in future

  • Individualized blog goals (essential to give your blog direction)
  • A blogging strategy (essential to help your blog grow)
  • A blog promotion strategy (essential for getting your blog seen)

The new blog

  • The blog itself (important, right?!)
  • Two fully written, edited, formatted and promoted posts

Subjects covered

  • The differences and basics of blogging for business
  • The importance of blog goals and strategy - gives your blog a direction
  • How to set up a blog - blogging platforms, how to actually set the blog up
  • Promotion 101 - makes sure people see your blog!
  • How to write a blog - writing for the Web 101
  • Images 101 - using images online and in your blog
  • Idea generation for blogging - banish writer's block!

The idea behind the blogging course is to learn by doing, hand in hand with an expert (me!) and classmates who share your experience level and goals. Each topic will be framed like this

Interactive presentation  → notes and worksheets → homework task → group call (for doubts, feedback, encouragement) → homework submitted → individual call (personalized feedback).

We'll also have a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get feedback at any point. 

Who is this blogging for beginners course for?

This blogging course is for people starting a blog for business. It's for absolute beginners, but it's important to note that it's also primarily aimed at businesses or people who are hoping to blog in order to help their business. You don't need to have any technical experience, but a willingness to learn and confidence in your own ability to learn is essential!

Solo businesspeople who understand that a blog can help their business, but who have no experience.

Small businesses that want to use blogging as an effective marketing tool and vehicle for growth, but haven't yet begun.

Businesses that have started a blog but are not seeing results and feel they need another crack at the basics.

Overall, participants need to be certain about why they want to have a blog, ensure that they will have time to complete the homework over the 6 week period, and an understanding of the work that maintaining a blog will require in the future. Talk to me about this if you are not sure. 

You'll get plenty of handouts, notes and worksheets to use during the course and to take home with you so you can reuse them in the future.


Not sure if the course is for you?

If you're not sure you want to start a blog yet, please attend this FREE webinar, Pre-Blogging Basics, where we'll discuss the uses, pros, and cons of blogging. It's aimed at total beginners who aren't yet sure if they want to blog, so don't worry about your existing level. There's more information about the webinar here - and don't worry if you're not around on July 25th 2017 - by registering you'll be able to see a recording.

BONUS: One month after the workshop, all participants also receive a 1-hour Skype consultation with me to discuss the aspects we covered at the course, provide feedback on your progress or advise you on your new, improved blog!

What previous attendees have said about other Niamhly blogging courses

Gained an incredible amount of value from the masterclass. Turns out I knew very little about blogging which was alarming but with Niamh’s processes, guidelines and tools I’m more than prepped to start my blogging journey!
— Rohan Perera - course participant
The Business Blogging Masterclass was immensely useful as I gained many great insights around how best to optimise a blog....Niamh is an excellent facilitator and allows time for participants to ask questions and share knowledge with each other. I would highly recommend her workshop.
— A course participant
Niamh is great! Her workshop was extremely helpful and informational. She really takes the time to answer your questions and gives you the opportunity to work through real life goals and strategies that relate to your business....I cannot recommend Niamh more highly and I look forward to future events she holds!
— A course participant

Convinced? Buy the course now or set up a call to discuss it!