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Workshop Course Topics


Workshop Course Topics

Get Your Business online - in a day!

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Full topic list:

Part 1, Website In An Hour, include:

  • Website layout

  • Selecting a theme

  • Creating content

  • Embedding videos and other external content

  • Changing page layout

  • Modifying the website menu

  • Linking social media accounts

  • Creating contact forms

  • Creating photo gallery

  • Creating a basic online shop


Then we'll have lunch...and onto....


Part 2, Developing Compelling Content, include:

  • Content strategy, user experience, and how they relate to my website

  • The home page: why its important and how to make an impact

  • Menus, titles and headings: the key to visitor happiness

  • Contacting your visitors: marketing, automation and the newsletter fallacy

  • The 3 pillars of basic SEO: timely, relevant and trustworthy

  • Social media basics: how it relates to visits, engagement and results

  • Blogging basics: do you really need a blog

  • Content marketing and how it all fits together

  • Website longevity: keeping the website fresh

  • Immediate next steps: promotion, social media, incorporating your websie into your business


A cup of coffee, to revive the senses and, finally...

  • Q & A Session with Teri and Niamh

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